Supply and/or installation of:

PVC ceilings

Suspended ceilings

PVC wall panelling

Drywall cladding and partitioning

Contoured ceiling design and bulkheads

Flooring and decking

Roofs / Roof trusses (construction only, not roof repairs) 


The Supplier will not be responsible for waste removal or clean-up under any circumstances. It is the responsibility of the Customer to remove and dispose of all waste material and rubbish.

No paint, plaster, plumbing or electrical work will be conducted under any circumstances, unless specifically quoted or stated in our documentation.

Unless special arrangements are made, it is the responsibility of the Customer to remove all lights and fittings before the commencement of any work as well as the refitment thereof after completion of the work.

Any and all extra/additional work that is carried out on site and which is not stated on the quotation, will be charged at an additional cost.